A GO OUT running style that blends fashion with function.

3 years ago

Carefully selected items that combine style and function for sporty urban lifestlyes.

Running can be enjoyed as a sport with a relatively basic set up but doing it with style is what we really want. Functionality is of course very important so we want a product that has water proofing and breathability using GORE-TEX fabric.

In addition to the high quality and technology born from tight quality control, stylish items that appeal to the fashion conscious are also available. AQZAWA is one such person who is pursuing a unique hybrid style of form and function in the running wear scene.

GORE-TEX Jackets are a great match for running.

As a material GORE-TEX has excellent waterproofing and permeability which means you can run comfortable even if you are hot and sweating heavily making it an ideal material for the running scene. It also makes an excellent material for running jackets because it is windproof and very lightweight.


Ultralight waterproof jacket with a reflector.


This running jacket uses 3 layers of GORE-TEX Active Fabric. It features a watertight concealed fastener, high waterproof capabilities and the lightest ever 15 denier material. It also has a reflector logo for added safety when running at night.

GOLDWIN https://www.goldwin.co.jp/store/ec/cmTopPage.html

“Usually for running outerwear a tight fitting jacket is easy to run in but this jacket is especially light weight and fits the body line perfectly so it doesn’t restrict you in any way. The reflector is also great because I often run in the city at night”.


On trend waterproof and breathable shoes.

Often lightweight running shoes have the downside of being easily sodden during rainy weather. However if GORE-TEX is incorporated into the design this is no longer a concern. In addition it also helps to prevent sweating inside the shoes so the lightweight feeling can be maintained.


Solid shoes with excellent fit and quick drying.


Salomon are a footwear brand that many runners rely on which combined with the GORE-TEX technology incorporated they are taken to the next level. The all black body and quick lace design also leaves an instant impression.

SALOMON https://www.salomon.com/ja-jp/shop-apac/men/shoes/running-shoes.html

“These shoes seem made for trail running but there also really easy to run on the road with. The grip is excellent and really feels like the shoe is grabbing onto the asphalt. If you are running on trail courses then of course your feet are going to get wet but the same can be said for running during rainy weather in the city so the breathable waterproofing is an excellent point”.


There are still more specialized GORE-TEX running products!

Mizuno’s classic shoes equipped with GORE-TEX fabric.


Mizuno WAVE RIDER GTX ¥17172

Mizuno’s long running Wave Rider series latest model features highly stretchable GORE-TEX fabric. They are waterproof, windproof and breathable so they are great for winter running. The green coloring is also a unique selling point.

MIZUNO https://www.mizunoshop.net/disp/CSfGoodsPage_001.jsp?GOODS_NO=660245


Running gloves featuring the latest technology.

THE NORTH FACE Gore Closefit Tricot Glove ¥6480

These running gloves use some of the latest technology such as the GORE-TEX Infinium Stretch Technology which was first introduced in the fall of 2018. They feature many small details such as the palm utilizing heat insulation of different thickness to produce the most functional design for winter running.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi(Image),Takuma Utoo,Sosuke Shimizu(Item)