Intriguing handmade leather case that can dress up the G-Shock!

3 years ago

“Armadillo leather works” is an up-and-coming brand that uses Tochigi leather, which has a rough yet tough texture and allows you to enjoy the original feel of the leather, and creates surprising pieces that are completed by combining with ready-made products.

Introducing the case that can be used with G-SHOCK and Cheap Casio, and matches both brands well.

Custom leather case for DW-6900 ¥14080

A case for G-SHOCK in tanned saddle leather. Each one is carefully handmade. The feeling that the leather changes over time on the high-tech watch every time I look at the time is interesting.

Leather watch cover + F-91 ¥8580

This is also made of saddle leather made by tanning Tochigi leather. Designed to be attached to Casio watches, a total of 5 colors are available

If you dress up your usual Casio with a playful leather watch cover created by Armadillo Works, which aims to create free things that are not bound by stereotypes, your mood will be lifted!

In addition to the official brand website, it is also on sale at GO OUT Online! We also have key cases that combine tassels that can be attached to sneakers and colorful drawcords, so please check it out.

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