Meanswhile boldly arranges a classic from Dickies. Innovative heavy ounce pants are born!

3 years ago

This is a collaboration between meanswhile, whose concept is “wear as a tool, not a costume,” and Dickies, which is synonymous with work pants. The result is a new take on a tried and tested classic.

Long term seller is made even more comfortable with this upgrade.

Wrap PT×Dickies®     ¥23100

Based on Dickies standard model 874, the details of the popular wrap pants that Meansweil is proud of are mixed. Finished in a unique design with overlapping waists. Furthermore, by combining waving tape, it is easy to put on and take off.

The characteristics of Thai pants such as high waist and wrap design are mixed with Dickies’ classic. The fitting is a waving tape.

The material is 8.5 ounce heavy twill of 65% polyester x 35% cotton, which has a reputation for stain resistance and durability. It is an iron plate fabric that is widely used not only for Dickies but also for full-scale work wear because of its moderate elasticity and luster.

D-cans with Dickies engraving are placed on the left and right to make it even more functional.

There is no doubt that these will be great for the outdoors with the D-cans that are useful at various timings on both sides. A masterpiece full of universality that can be used for a long time, and is easy to style. No other pair of pants is better suited as a high season partner.