A must-see triple collaboration with the iron tops that Chums is proud of, evolved by Natal Design and Burlap Outfitters!

3 years ago

The prestigious CHUMS born in the United States, NATAL DESIGN, which is highly regarded for its unique world view, and BURLAP OUTFITTER, which incorporates high-performance materials into an excellent design come together for this collaboration.

Make it even more functional while making the most of the original charm.

Hurricane Top PRIMALOFT     各¥27500

Natal Design has redesigned the “Hurricane Top”, which is a classic sweatshirt from Chums. Square quilting and kangaroo pockets are used, and the cuffs are gathered with rubber to make it harder for wind to enter than the original model.

Inheriting the traditional Henly neck. The button is engraved with the name of the Natal Design.

The body was directed by Burlap Outfitters. Partex Quantum, which has a light outer material and high strength, and Primaloft, whose batting does not lose its heat retention even when wet, are finished in a high performance model that can withstand even hard environments.

Elastic rib cuffs shut out the wind. Supports heat retention that is comparable to Primaloft’s down.

A triple collaboration in which professional outdoors brands skillfully incorporate the essence of each of their 90’s outdoor masterpieces. Since it is made to order with a lot of attention, there is no doubt that you will need to order early. Make sure you don’t miss out on these new timeless classics.

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