Super lightweight at only 100g. A high-spec, eco-friendly fleece for mountains released by the new brand “Static”.

3 years ago

“STATIC” is an environmentally friendly outdoor brand that incorporates renewable materials with the concept of “choices for the earth.” Although it just started in May this year, it is a noteworthy label that has attracted attention from outdoor lovers.

From Static, this is a new fleece that features not only the eco-design, but also the world’s lightest class comfort.

Adrift Crew ¥10780

An ultra-lightweight fleece that weighs only 100g in a S size. The material used is “Octa”, which allows water and sweat to easily pass through and creates a smooth fit. In addition to dyeing with plant ingredients, the discharged fibers are recycled, and the manufacturing process has acquired Ecotex accreditation, which verifies the safety and security of clothing according to strict standards.

The fabric is in the form of a fine mesh. It can be used without getting too stuffy by letting unnecessary heat escape to the outside.

The back side that hits the skin is brushed to keep it warm. You can feel the warmth by wearing a windshell type jacket when you are spending time waiting in the mountains.

The small logo label on the front is another key point.

This fleece from Static can actually be called an active fleece thanks to the design which maximizes the functional beauty while considering the global environment which embodies the ongoing form of the outdoor scene.