Adding mobility to Lee’s traditional workwear! Narifuri bespoke product finished with functional denim.

3 years ago

Functionally beautiful design for riding a bicycle that also blends well into the city. A collaboration between the popular brand “narifuri” that balances these two essences and the world-famous denim maker “Lee” has been realized. Four exclusive bespoke models have been released.

Lee’s classic items are re-imagined.

The classic items that Lee is proud of with a history of more than 100 are the base of the collaboration. It is studded with a number of calculated details that can be worn comfortably even in active outdoor scenes like Narifuri is known for.

Stretch western shirts ¥22000

An orthodox western shirt that first appeared in 1959, the length is set in consideration of the forward leaning posture, and stretch denim that reduces stress during running is adopted. By arranging the strawberry buttons found in the 1950s, the classic aesthetic is preserved.

91B Stretch work jacket ¥36300

A classic, masterpiece work jacket that has a zipper implemented for the first time. Finished with a slim silhouette and long length that is typical of Narifuri, the fabric is made of stretch cordura nylon that is hard to tear even when used roughly. The camouflage mesh on the back of the yoke enhances breathability.

101Z Stretch cycle denim pants ¥24200

Based on Lee’s famous product number “101Z” that was supplied for cowboys, the rise is deepened to prevent the waist from being seen when riding a bicycle. Including pockets for smartphones, darts, tacks, buttocks, and other specifications used in Narifuri’s classic denim have been added.

Stretch painter pants ¥28600

Painter pants, which have been loved by workers for a long time, are modernized using stretch cordura denim as the material while following the loose original silhouette. Camouflage mesh is applied to the pocket bag and the back of the waist to reduce stuffiness and discomfort caused by sweat.


Also pay attention to the gift plan linked to Instagram.

To commemorate the collaboration between Narifuri and Lee, they held a campaign to win a special bag.

After following the official Instagram of both brands. Click “Like” on the specified post and all you have to do is answer the question “Where do you want to go wearing the Narifuri x Lee collaboration?”

The gift items are different for each brand, Narifuri’s is a stem bag and Lee’sis a frame bag.

A collaboration model that expresses authentic American casual through the world view of bicycles that Narifuri is renowned for will be released on September 18th (Friday). Just by straddling the saddle and running through the city, you can feel the breath of good old America.

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