At the forefront of autumn backpacks! 10 functionally beautiful models that are perfect for daily use.

3 years ago

The temperature has dropped and the best season to go out has arrived. In that case, I would like to make various new additions to my clothing and gear, but the first priority is the backpack that helps support us on all our outdoor adventures.

This time, we have picked up 10 notable models that have both a great appearance and excellent functionality, especially models that can be used on a daily basis!



The smallest 15L size in the popular rip wrap series from Mystery Ranch. It is thin and just right for everyday use. The inside of the easy-to-open rip zip is equipped with a PC sleeve and mesh pocket. ¥ 17050


  1. KELTY


Kelty’s DAYPACK, which reproduces the teardrop type of the ’70s, has a leopard print pattern that makes a great impact. Although it has good capacity of 18L, it has a wide gusset and maintains a beautiful trapezoidal shape. ¥ 10780


  1. Columbia

A Colombia backpack with a water-repellent polyurethane finish on the body. The easy-to-hold handle is useful in situations where you cannot carry it on your back, such as on a train or bus. Comes equipped with a shoe holder on the bottom. ¥ 10560



Although it is compact, it has a capacity of 30L, so it is suitable for commuting to school or for a day camp. Gregory’s unique EVA shoulder harness, built for a good fit makes it comfortable to carry for long periods of time. ¥ 18700


  1. KEEN × Jerry Garcia

Keen adopts the artwork left by Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia at the front. Limited to 500 pieces, the serial number is entered on the inner label. ¥ 19800


  1. MEI

Designed unique to Mei in consideration of compatibility with extreme sports, it uses Robic air, a light and durable material. A sub-compartment is provided at the front to help organize small items. ¥ 17380


  1. F/CE.®

FCE backpack made with high-tech material Cuben fiber, which is made by laminating polyethylene fiber Dyneema with UV resin. It is light and waterproof, and its translucent looks have an impact. ¥ 37400



A daypack from the Ura Yoshida Kaban Collection, which takes over the tanker series, which is a classic line up from Porter. The lining is black, and the SSZ name is also added to the tag. ¥ 30800


  1. AS2OV

An AS2OV backpack with an original cordura ballistic fabric that adds a moderate amount of ruggedness to an elegant design. The leather is finished with a pollutant-free vegetable tannin. ¥ 27500



ElDoreso’s running backpack with a mesh pocket on the shoulder harness to hold bottles and smartphones. The design is simple and easy to use even in the city. ¥ 16280

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Styling/Tomoyuki Sasaki Text/Sachio Kanai