Our picks for the 12 items that you will “absolutely want” this fall.

3 years ago

This summer, heat waves have continued on and on. The heat is likely to continue, but the fashion scene seems to be steadily entering the fall / winter season, so we picked up new items that are of particular interest to us.

Introducing 12 models that we fell require special attention, from items that are convenient for going out to the city to items with full-scale specifications that are compatible with winter camps! It’s a rule of thumb to check them out early because all of the hottest works will inevitably sell out!

  1. A new piece that follows the details of the highest peak Himalayan Parka.

Him Down Parka ¥68200

Himalayan Parka, which was developed for activities in the polar regions of minus 70 degrees, was originally released in 1994 is renewed by incorporating its original design into a modern version.


  1. A sophisticated boiler suit that overturns the common sense of work wear.


A boiler suit triple collaboration by “YARMO” and “DIGAWEL” released as a project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of F / CE.®. Although it is a work item, it is finished in a way that can be worn smartly in everyday life.


  1. A special logo with an on trend color model.


A new purple color is released of Patagonia’s classic item the “Ultra Light Black Hole Mini Hip Pack”. Also note that only this color has a different logo.


  1. The short silhouette that looks like a fishing line is impressive.

Oversized Reversible SPEY ¥45100

A bespoke model from Barbour for JOURNAL STANDARD relume based on Barbour’s fly fishing jacket. Although it has a short silhouette that is compatible with waders, it does not feel strange even if you wear it in the city.


  1. eVent upper provides excellent waterproof and breathable properties.

BOWER ¥26400

A collaboration work from SUICOKE that uses the original overall pattern that SOUTH2 WEST8 (South to West Eight) is famous for on their winter boots. Since the upper is made of eVent material, it exhibits excellent waterproofing and breathability.


  1. The strongest down for extremely cold regions with even higher strength.

Absolute Zero Parka ¥110000

MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR’s down outer “Absolute Zero Parka” for extremely cold regions that has both heat retention and mobility. Durability is also improved by incorporating a lattice-shaped ripstop fabric.


  1. The exquisite aging process unique to Remi Relief.

Boat and Tote ¥16500

REMI RELIEF has vintage-processed the Boat and Tote, a timeless masterpiece that L.L.Bean is proud of. The aging creates a nice texture that seems like vintage.


  1. A military setup with a unique luster.


A new tops and bottoms set-up that ENGINEERED GARMENTS specializes in. Uses a tough nylon material with a glossy feel for both the top and bottom.


  1. A gem that was reconstructed by disassembling the Eastpak bag.


A jacket remade from the Eastpak daypack. In addition to the innovative and detailed work that incorporates pockets and straps as part of the design, the lining is in a star-striped color.


  1. An excellent product with a built-in hand muff that warms your hands when it is cold.

sniper bag ¥53240

A bagjack sniper bag with a built-in tubular hand muff. Therefore, when it is cold, you can warm up by putting your hands in from both sides while hanging it from your neck. Also available in a simple black color.


  1. Collage multiple vintage fabrics in an exquisite arrangement.

HANGTEN ¥42900

Masterkey develops unique items that incorporate vintage fabrics. The Samue jacket, which is a remake of old-fashioned Mexican hoodies and overalls, is a one-of-a-kind item.


  1. Pop two-tone color to accent your autumn / winter outfit.

Authentic ¥9350

Discover the authenticity of the trendy, catchy two-tone color VANS vault. It adds a playful and colorful accent to the autumn / winter outfits that tend to be dark and heavy.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Styling/Tomomichi Kondo
Text/Masatsugu Kuwabara