Flower Mountain collaborates with a Belgian genius. An artistic collection with a unique full body pattern.

3 years ago

“FLOWER MOUNTAIN” is a domestic brand that creates eye-catching designs by hand based on its own organic concept.

The first collaboration work with Japan’s leading photographer Daido Moriyama has also been talked about, but this time the limited capsule collection in collaboration with Belgian fashion designer “Walter Van Beirendonck” is now available!

In this collection, Walter Van Beirendonck has a lineup of items that give off a strong presence featuring graphics drawn by himself.

The unique design combines the checkered flag with a floral pattern and the logo is eye-catching!

They mainly use naturally-derived cotton and wool as the materials, and adopt a design similar to the soaked print found in “kimono” unique to Japan.

Of course, the item is made in Japan, so it’s a collection of items unique to this collaboration where the creativity of both parties crosses over!

The full body pattern has outstanding impact when combined with the clothing line, but also the shoe design is notable because it is a collaboration with Flower Mountain.

This collaboration sneaker has an asymmetrical design, so each item is finished in a different work process. Not only the upper but also the fine details of the outsole are asymmetrical in design, making this unique pair a must for sneaker freaks!

A special collection in collaboration with a Belgian genius and a domestic brand that shows global success.

It will be on sale at GR8 in Tokyo, KIDILL ROOM, Why are you here in Osaka… ..?, Holiday cottage in Okayama, and Flower Mountain’s official website.

■FLOWER MOUNTAIN https://www.flower-mountain.co.jp