Inner pocket is a sacoche! Alk Phenix’s water-repellent down vest with double the benefits.

3 years ago

From Alk Phenix, known for their unique gadget wear that fuses technology and unique visuals, comes a down vest with a built-in sacoche is now available. Not only the unique gimmick but also the performance of the body itself makes this a high class gem.

Detachable inner pocket transforms into sacoche!

crank vest 2 ¥49500

The crank vest 2 has a flap pocket connected to the buckle inside the front body, and when removed, it changes to a sacoche that can be used on its own. Since the super water repellent material EPIC®, which is also used for mil-spec gear, is used, the contents will not get wet even in bad weather.

A large pocket that can be removed by opening the double-tailored front body.

DRYSPHERE® DOWN is a water-repellent down that is resistant to getting wet and has excellent heat retention. What’s more, a zipper is placed on a part of the down quilt, and when opened, heat is released from the body so you can prevent overheating based upon the outdoor conditions.

Since it uses the same strong water-repellent material as the body, the stored items do not get wet easily even in bad weather.

In addition to the pocket and sacoche, it has zip pockets on both sides and inside the flap for excellent storage capacity. The simple design that is easy to match goes well with urban and street styling. It can be worn regardless of the scene so you can expect to get a lot of use from this outer in the winter.

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