AUTO-BI x Snow Peak x JS Relum. Biker-flavored jet-black TAKIBI jumpsuit is completed!

3 years ago

As Japan’s largest jumpsuit maker, “Yamada Tatsu” has been producing professional workwear for over 100 years since its establishment. A capsule collection is born between the original brand “AUTO-BI”, “Snow Peak” and “JOURNAL STANDARD relume”, which are familiar to outdoor enthusiasts!

In this collection, they have a lineup of functional items that fit the camping scene and items that are eye-catching with unique graphics that you cannot miss out on!


Of particular note is the jumpsuit made from TAKIBI denim, Snow Peak’s original material. It is a hybrid material that has both durability and flame retardancy, and its looks are excellent for daily use!

Caps of the same material are also available, so it seems good to get them together as a set.

Classic Logo Sweat Crew ¥9680

There are 6 types of cut and sew items available in which the iconic designs of both motorcycles and Snow Peak intersect.

Not only motifs such as “motorcycle mark” and “asterisk”, but also college-flavored numbering that multiplies each other’s founding years, there are a lot of collectable items to keep in mind!

Sweat Crew ¥9680

A jumpsuit that adds the essence essential to the outdoor scene to the uniforms used by real workers in Japan. A lineup of items that are sure to be ready for action, such as Long T and sweatshirts with a catchy design!

Currently on sale. There are items that are only available in stores and online, so if you are interested, check out the official online store as soon as possible!

■JOURNAL STANDARD relume tel:03-6438-0401