Waterproof shell and windproof fleece. An vast array of autumn / winter wear using two Gore-Tex materials from Chums!

3 years ago

From CHUMS’s popular line “Springdale”, which supports full-scale outdoor scenes such as mountain climbing, camping, and festivals, the second series that makes full use of two Gore-Tex materials is now available!

In this fall / winter season, they have a large array of hard shell items that are highly waterproof and breathable, and fleece items that are windproof and breathable!

Lots of waterproof and breathable hard shell wear!

The 2-layer hard shell type “Spring Dale Gore-Tex Venture” series is now available this fall!

Using GORE-TEX 2Layer laminate made of 70 denier recycled nylon that is resistant to wear and tear, they have a lineup of tough wear made of high-tech materials that are durable and waterproof, have excellent breathability, and are highly windproof.

Spring Dale Gore-Tex Venture Jacket ¥39600

A hard shell type GORE-TEX 2 Layer laminate is used to design a basic mountain parka that can be used in any environment from the city to the mountains. In addition to being durable, breathable and windproof, it has a flap-type card pocket on the left arm for excellent usability.

And the biggest feature is that it can be attached to and detached from the Chum Leaf Lease series from Chum’s! If you also get a fleece, you can wear it in 2 ways, and you can wear it for 3 seasons: autumn, winter, and spring.

SpringDale Gore-Tex Venture Jet Cap ¥4950

A jet cap made up of 5 panels using GORE-TEX 2Layer laminate. A large brim and a deep crown are combined, and the buckle on the back panel allows you to adjust the size.

Spring Dale Gore-Tex Venture Hat ¥6490

New version of the popular classic model “Fest Hat” of Chums with Gore-Tex fabric. Accented with flap pockets with the logo placed on the side.

Elmo Gore-Tex INFINIUM R/V Hoodie ¥27500

GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ material and reversible fleece are also a great addition!

Introducing a new model that combines the classic autumn / winter fleece “Elmo” series with “GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ Windstopper® Technology”. Using “GORE-TEX ™ INFINIUM Windstopper ® 2 Layer Laminate” made of soft and lightweight 50 denier recycled polyester material, it achieves excellent breathability and high wind resistance. All are charming pieces with reversible specifications. The design is also noteworthy!

Reversible type fleece jacket equipped with GORE-TEX INFINIUM wind stopper ®. Windproof and breathable, you can wear the fleece fabric on the outside on warm days and on the inside on cold days for a comfortable winter.

Elmo Gore-Tex INFINIUM R/V Cap ¥5390

A reversible pilot cap that uses GORE-TEX INFINIUM wind stopper ®, which is windproof, heat-retaining, breathable, and fleece with a fluffy texture on the front and back. A slightly deeper finish fits tightly on the head.

Elmo Gore-Tex INFINIUM R/V Neck Warmer ¥3960

Neck warmer using the same material as the pilot cap. One point is the pocket on the fleece side. The adjuster on the back enhances the fit.

The new line up, which combines the design that blends into the world of Chums and the high functional beauty of Gore-Tex, is on sale from September 18th (Friday)! It can be used in a wide range of environments, such as casual clothes for everyday use and functional wear for outdoor activities.

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