The latest collaboration between Colombia and BEAMS. Classic outerwear with a powerful liner and full pattern camouflage!

3 years ago

The prestigious outdoor brand COLUMBIA from Oregon and Japan’s leading select shop BEAMS. The two, who often collaborate, will continue to collaborate this fall on the theme of Mount Hood’s National Park in Portland, Oregon.

The powerful real tree pattern has been incorporated into a basic item.

Bugaboo Interchange Jacket     ¥35750

The highlight is the Bugaboo Interchange Jacket, the world’s first ski wear equipped with an interchange system. Beams-like ingenuity has been added to every detail, such as a shortened neck and large-capacity patch pockets for easy use.

The fleece jacket attached to the lining can be used separately.

In addition, the same removable fleece jacket as the original is used for the liner. A real tree pattern with the image of a national park is set, and the design has an impact even if it is used as a single item. The original emblem with the logo and snowy mountains that you can attached wherever you like is another key point.


A youthful shoulder bag with a pair of zip pockets that can be opened and closed from either the left or right, with a real tree duck pattern. If you remove the shoulder strap, it will change to a pouch, so it is useful not only for daily use but also for festivals and fields where you want extra mobility.


The classic outdoor bucket hat is plain and reversible with a real tree design.

In addition, fleece material mufflers and socks are available. Not only is it excellent in heat retention, but it is also effective to add an extra accent to your outfit, so it will be useful in various coordination.

These new items by two giants of the industry, have incorporated impactful patterns into basic items, and will be delivered sequentially from the beginning of October. Reservations are already being accepted at the BEAMS official online shop. It is an item that sells out fast every time, so check it early if you want to get it.