A lightweight rain JKT with a British-flavored Babour base arranged by Ships with a new urban face.

2 years ago

Popular select shop SHIPS has teamed up with the prestigious British brand Barbour known for its waxed jackets, to develop a bespoke new update that gives it a fresh feel. It is a masterpiece that has succeeded in improving its functionality by shifting the focus of the original popular model to a more outdoor side.

Barbour’s classic is made more functional with 3-layer nylon.


Light and water-repellent 3-layer nylon is used for Barbour’s masterpiece Bedale. It is easier to handle than waxed cotton and has improved compatibility with the outdoors. Because it can be worn for 3 seasons, it is also very cost effective.

Updating the material, silhouette and cuffs. For a modern outerwear that is easy to layer.

Modified to a modern fit that is stress-free even when layered from the top of the jacket, eliminating ribs on the cuffs that can get in the way. Another key point is that it is designed so that it does not interfere with the inner. The lining has different check fabrics depending on the color.

The lining has British patterns such as gingham check, glen check, and black watch depending on the color.

A versatile outerwear with a classic look, and improved functionality so that it can be used outdoors. Depending on the color and size, there is a possibility of it selling out fast so if you’re interested so make sure to check soon.

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