Featured stock of urban functional wear. Minimalistic water repellent setup from “Ai”.

3 years ago

The original brand “Ai” from the popular select shop “1LDK” is a brand that creates minimalist functional wear based on outdoor activities and military style. We have picked up the most notable water-repellent wear from their latest collection.

wind breaker ¥39600

The windbreaker, which uses a double-cross soft shell, has a matte texture and water repellency, and is sure to come in handy as a light outerwear for the coming season.

The hood is retractable and the hem has a drawcord. In addition to being able to respond immediately to sudden changes in the weather, the Raglan sleeve makes it easy to wear inside, and it seems to be compatible with three seasons. The pockets on the stomach area make it packable, so if it gets a little cooler, you can always keep it in your bag and it will come in handy!

wind pants ¥28200

Pants under the group are also available. The wide tapered silhouette with plenty of space around the waist makes styling more versatile.

Available in two colors, navy and khaki. A good balance of solid looks that looks great in the city without unnecessary decoration, while having functionality that is suitable for outdoor activities. It looks good for the first shopping list of autumn / winter items! Scheduled to be released in mid-October.

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