Barbour’s masterpiece jacket is boldly evolved with functional materials! The latest popular And Wander collaboration has arrived!

3 years ago

Last winter, the first collaboration was announced between And Wander and Barbour, which became a big topic at the time, and they are now back with another! While taking advantage of the charm of the best-selling model that is a source of pride for Barbour, the three items modernized with new materials are all functional and stylish.

A classic base evolved with high-spec materials.

Barbour rip jacket     ¥96800

The outer is based on the hunting jacket Beaufort, which was developed in 1982. The cutting has been improved to make it easier to move without breaking the basic silhouette, and the reflector stitching and printing that is typical of And Wander has also been incorporated.

Barbour rip pants     ¥63800

Classic rip pants have been redesigned so that they can be worn without discomfort even on their own, with the motif of waterproof pants that were once used by the Navy. Modern elements such as reflector parts and crimp-fixed fasteners are incorporated seamlessly.

Barbour rip hat     ¥19800

The sports hat, which was not released by Babour until the end of 1976, has been redesigned and reprinted for easy styling. Equipped with a retractable earmuff, it has cold protection that can be relied on even in extremely cold fields.

Smooth and light ultra-fine fibers are woven into ripstop shape to ensure durability.

The outer material of the collection is a water-repellent ripstop material with a unique luster that uses ultra-fine fibers, and Polartec’s Alpha Direct is used on the back. It is very light and has excellent heat retention. It seems that you can’t help but take notice about the ambitious work that puts modern functionality into the UK classic.

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