Seirin Ltd. make a bespoke order with First Down, which is rekindling its popularity. Excellent ’90s flavored reversible bore fleece!

3 years ago

The American down brand “FIRST DOWN” first swept the street scene in the 90’s. In the last few years, popular select shops have been enthusiastic about reprinting old classics, and items that have adopted boa alongside down jackets are also gaining popularity!

Reversible boa fleece ¥25200

The reversible boa jacket bespoke to Seirin Koshi, who handles the Hollywood Ranch Market and Blue Blue!

It features a solid design with uneven boa fleece and highly durable Taslan nylon. The 90’s balance with the logo on the left chest shines on the all-black body!

If you turn it over, it will look more urban thanks to the nylon base.

By the way, for this collaboration, it is also a point that the in-line stand collar specification has been changed to a hood specification. As a piece of outerwear, it is a special item with improved functionality.

Both A-side jackets are great as both street wear and for outdoor scenes should be on everyone’s radar for this Autumn / Winter season.