Babour becomes American! A bespoke model tailored with US-made functional materials.

2 years ago

The select shop “BLOOM & BRANCH”, which re-imagines the good old style and culture of Europe and the United States with its own interpretation, collaborates with the British brand “Barbour”.

For the first time in Babour’s history of more than 120 years, a jacket with the essence of the United States has been designed.

The inspiration is a US-made hunting jacket.

Cruiser Jacket 各¥72600

The base of the design is a hunting jacket made of oiled material which is MADE IN the USA. This is a bespoke design that blends traditional Babour details such as a corduroy collar and tartan lining with this new US inspiration.

The double-layered yoke protects against rain and wind and improves durability.


Uses a highly functional “imagined oiled cloth”.

While paying homage to Babour’s unique oiled cotton, they have adopted a modern material that can be said to be a “virtual oiled cloth” with high breathability and waterproofing in order to adapt to the changing weather conditions of today. You can experience light comfort from the moment you put it on.

Fasten the chin strap for a high neck design.

The jacket, which is a projection of Bloom & Brunch’s philosophy of “respecting tradition and seeking innovation,” will be released on Saturday, October 3rd.

While mixing the traditional American and British styles, this is a new and exciting item that can easily blend into your daily lifestyle.

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