Marmot x BEAMS latest down jacket has a powerful silhouette and exceptional cold protection!

3 years ago

Marmot is known for creating innovative high-performance products, including the world’s first Gore-Tex sleeping bag. The 2 BEAMS bespoke models set to be released this season have a great look and functionality, and it seems like it will be a big hit.

Visual impact that shines on both the street and the field.

The magnet down vest     ¥33000

The vest has 750 fill power water repellent down and uses a lightweight and soft high loft on the outer material. The loose silhouette, which can be worn comfortably on top of outerwear, also emphasizes a modern look. It also comes with magnet type buttons that makes it easy to put on and take off.

The mammoth down hoodie    ¥97900

The mammoth down hoodie that is currently available to reserve is a hot topic every time it is re-released. It is a masterpiece whose competition has intensified enough to develop into a shooting incident on the streets of NY, and this work has updated the outer material to the waterproof GORE-TEX Products 2L. 750 fill power and cold weather features are also excellent.

The hood is removable so it can be adapted according to the temperature and styling.

Gimmicks such as large pockets, hand warmers, and removable hoods are easy to use, and the logos placed everywhere add a cool accent. The level of perfection is as you would expect from two clothing heavyweights teaming up together.

There are plenty of inner pockets such as those with zips and those for smartphones.

A vest and jacket that are worthy of attention this season, and can produce a sense of volume that is indispensable for seasonal coordination. It has perfect specifications even in the field, and it is easy to match, so they are guaranteed to be useful for many years to come.