Craftsman brand “Macole”, release an urban backpack with a rescue flavor.

3 years ago

Since its founding in 1976, Canyon Works, a long-established factory in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, has been engaged in the manufacture of bags that require extremely serious manufacturing accuracy, such as full-scale rescue items and famous outdoor brands rucksacks.

From the same companies original factory brand “MACOLE”, which is developed by utilizing the technological capabilities that the company has cultivated in the field of manufacturing, there are two fusions of simple and robust quality and casual design that shines with outstanding craftsmanship.

A functional and stunning backpack that shines with various details.

A backpack inspired by a backpack harness used for rescue. The body is made of 3L polyurethane, which is highly waterproof and breathable. A gem that is also very convenient, such as a compartment that opens easily and a front pocket that is convenient for holding a jacket. ¥ 30800

A PC sleeve is provided in the back compartment. The zips are waterproof.

The waist belt is removable.

The fine and glossy texture unique to polyurethane gives off a great atmosphere.


A minimal messenger with a rescue gear-like gimmick.

A messenger bag with a reflector on the flap. It adopts a material that updated the cell span that gained popularity in outdoor gear in the 70’s and 80’s. The shoulder strap is removable and can be hung on the right or left shoulder easily. ¥ 26400

The minimalist design with no extra decoration, and the robust metal buckle just like rescue gear has great appeal.

Rescue gear elements and functional gimmicks are incorporated throughout the minimalist design, and high utility backpacks and messenger bags are a long-established product. Highly recommend for gear-aholics who are looking for high quality items that do not compromise on appearance or function.

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