The latest work from F / CE. × Nanga, which is popular every year! A lot of waterproof and breathable down outerwears.

3 years ago

The latest work has arrived from the exclusive line, which is collaborated on by F / CE.® and the famous down factory NANGA, which attracts attention every season. This is a collaboration of two major brands that represent Japan, and this time as well, there are a lot of high-spec outerwear to look forward to.

Incorporating Nanga’s high-quality down into FCE’s original high-tech material.

All models are carefully selected by craftsmen from high-quality raw wool from Europe and domestically refined down that has been washed with the latest technology. Feathers, which are attractive for their high temperature / humidity control function and durability, are enclosed in Eflight, an original fabric newly developed by FCE.

FT BOMB JK ¥79200

Thanks to this, they have realized overwhelmingly comfortable down wear that has high moisture permeability and waterproofing that is comparable to high-end rain wear, thanks to its lightness, ease of movement, and smooth texture. The classic bomber jacket is a gem that can be worn from towns to extremely cold regions by suppressing heat buildup due to ventilation under the armpits.


The down parka, which is an updated version of N3B, which can be said to be the standard classic of FCE, enables speedy putting on and taking off thanks to the use of Velcro. Eflight, mechanical stretch material is used, so it doesn’t feel difficult to move despite its seasonal bulky silhouette. The back pocket for gloves and stoles is also excellent.


Including the urban-like long coat, a total of 3 types are on standby. This season’s most important collaboration is a further strengthening of the cold-resistant down jacket using original materials. The high performance that can be worn even in a stylish and hard environment is sure to attract attention not just from outdoor junkies.

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