Must-have for anglers! A fishing line is born from Pro Trek.

3 years ago

Casio’s “PRO TREK” series, the pinnacle of outdoor watches, now has an angler line.

Equipped with reliable functions that support fishing, it is a model that outdoorsmen who like fishing cannot overlook.

Supports fishing in conjunction with the smartphone app.

PRT-B70-1JF ¥35200

Before becoming an angler line, it already had specs that wouldn’t bring shame to the name of Pro Trek. It is equipped with a “quad sensor” that can measure not only the direction, altitude, and temperature, but also the number of steps, and when the needle overlaps the liquid crystal and is difficult to see, the needle temporarily retracts.

And the biggest feature is the interlocking with the dedicated smartphone application by Bluetooth. From the date and place set on the application side, the time zone where you can expect good fishing results and how much you can expect are displayed. It seems that this is based on the theory that the moon’s peaks affect fish.

In addition, the place and date of fishing, tide information, etc. can be recorded in the app, making it an invaluable fishing tool.

The band is made of soft urethane and can be attached and detached from the case. It can be removed and washed in thoroughly, or it can be customized by replacing it with an optional band.

The case uses a high-strength polyamide resin called “Fine Resin”, which is more than durable enough. The airtightness is 20 ATM water resistant.


A nice color variation so you can match to your own tastes.

There are 3 color variations in total. In addition to the black introduced so far, two colors in the photo are available. It is a nice consideration for anglers who are particular about styling during fishing, and it is easy to handle for everyday casual use.

It is now on sale at Casio’s official online shop, EC sites, and physical stores nationwide.

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