Two new sunglasses from Bose with built-in speakers. Lightweight and flexible sports model and a sophisticated premium model.

3 years ago

“BOSE FRAMES” was released in October 2019 by American audio brand Bose and attracted a lot of attention from gadget lovers.

At first glance, these ordinary sunglasses are actually ground breaking wearable speaker with a built-in Bluetooth speakers. They will be available in two new types, a sports model and a model with improved design aesthetics.

Model for sports “Tempo”.

「Bose Frames Tempo」¥33000

“BOSE FRAMES” allows you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone when the power is turned on, play music, receive and make calls, and use the voice assistance.

The new Bose Frames Tempo is a model in the series designed for outdoor activities such as cycling, running and climbing.

They are made of tough, lightweight and flexible material that can withstand extreme temperatures and rigorous training. It comes with three types of nose pads that prevent it from slipping off with just the right amount of grip, so it won’t move, shake, or shift even when running or cycling off-road.

The left and right temples have a built-in 22mm full-range driver, which can reproduce deeper and louder sounds, and at a volume that can be heard even when riding a bicycle. The open-ear design allows you to hear surrounding traffic sounds, warning sounds, and the voices of your teammates as well.

A polarized lens is used, which blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet rays. Optional lenses are also available.

Trail blue lens ¥5280

Three types of lenses are available. “Trail Blue” that uses a low light lens to enhance contrast and fineness in bright sun, “Road Orange” that uses a medium light lens to reduce the glare of reflected light from water and snow, and ultra low light lenses “Twilight Yellow” (both ¥ 5280) suitable for use at dusk.

Road orange lens¥5280


“Soprano” with improved design.

「Bose Frames Soprano」¥33000

The new model “Bose Frames Soprano” is an upgraded version of the original model in terms of style, design and acoustic performance.

It is characterized by being made of high quality with carefully selected premium materials and parts, and has a premium finish such as the beautiful curve of the bridge and high-gloss black coating, as well as being incredibly comfortable.

All electronic components, including two 16mm speakers, are compact and seamlessly housed in the frame, giving it a more elegant look with a cat-eye-style frame design.

Purple fade lens 3960

Uses a polarized lens to block up to 99% of UV rays. As optional lenses, purple fade (¥ 3960) and polarized glass mirrored rose gold (¥ 5280) are also available.

Both models are scheduled to go on sale on Thursday, November 5th, and reservations have started from October 8th at Bose online stores.

■BOSE Online tel:0120-002-009