A newcomer from Taiwan. We profile “DYCTEAM®”, which delivers high-performance one-mile wear, this fall.

3 years ago

“DYCTEAM®” is a fashion brand from Taiwan that develops high-quality daily wear based on the theme of “define your character”.

From basic collections based on functional materials to denim products developed in collaboration with factories used by high-end brands, the brand’s collection, which is involved in the development of original fabrics, is a must-see for outdoor fashion lovers!

3D patch pocket jacket ¥29150

The basics collection features a solid atmosphere, and there is a lineup of items that are functional and organized in dark tones.

Buckle anorak ¥26950

A coverall jacket that combines a stretchy, fine ridge corduroy with a three-dimensional pocket and a waterproof zip. An anorak, which is made of recycled polyester with a water-repellent finish, this is an urban item with a buckle design on the neck that tightens the whole silhouette.

It can be said that it is unique to the background of a Taiwanese brand that you can feel the freshness of the design that adds functional details at key points while updating the looks of the sampling source in the city!

Ocean rafting jacquard jacket ¥31350

Instead of the basic collection, the blue collection, which looks more like an art piece, has a lineup of denim items made in collaboration with a denim factory that is also a purveyor to luxury brands.

The denim jacket, which has a myriad of wave-inspired crushing processes, sublimates into an art piece-like atmosphere in combination with a design that fades to a beautiful finish throughout.

DYCTEAM® develop products made from high-quality original fabrics unique to the brand, which has its own factory, such as rugged items with high-performance materials and denim items with rich and artistic designs. They are attracting a lot of attention! If you are interested, please check out the brands official website!

■JOINTWORKS http://joint-works.jp