The first Analog digital G-SHOCK is now fully metal! A robust high-end model that gives off a delicate shine.

2 years ago

Following the popular high-end model that reproduces the original G-SHOCK with a full metal finish, this time a model that is the first analog digital model of G-Shock will be released.


The “AW-500” was released in 1989 as the first G-Shock analog / digital combination type.

Since the release of the first machine, the AW-500 was developed with the concept of “an analog watch that never drops the needle” as a new attempt by G-SHOCK, which has previously only made digital display models. It is an ambitious work that overturns the preconceived notion that analog watches are vulnerable to shocks due to the large number of parts, and has improved shock resistance by reducing the weight of the parts.

The “AWM-500D / AWM-500GD” inherits the form of such an ground breaking making model and finishes it in full metal.


The full metal finish is achieved by using fine resin as a cushioning material between the metal case and the bezel. The supple form of the AW-500 is reproduced by rounding the pieces of the band connected from the case. Furthermore, by using the surface treatment of the bezel finely for each part such as hairline and mirror finish, the design is particular about making full use of the texture of the metal.

This full metal finish will be great for wearing both outdoors and for city life.

Both the gold-colored AWM-500GD and the silver x black and silver AWM-500D are scheduled to go on sale on November 20th.



Size: 51.8 x 44.5 x 14.2 mm

Mass: about 175g

Water resistance: 20 ATM water resistant

Power supply used: Tough solar (solar charging system)

Continuous drive time: Approximately 28 months in power saving state

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