Mont-Bell’s outdoor Samue has been updated! It is now stretchable and easier to move in.

3 years ago

The popular, warm Mont-Bell item “Samue” has been released this year with a major update in functionality. Not only for agricultural work, but also as a setup that is perfect for relaxing in while camping!

O.D.Samue ¥11000

This modern version of the Samue, which can be said to be the origin of Japanese outdoor wear, has been released with improved functionality more than ever before. It is difficult to understand because it is an authentic design, but the outer material has quick-drying and abrasion resistance, as well as stretchability, so it can be said that it is a very versatile item

Since the lining is made of a furry material, it looks good as a haori that has been getting cold in autumn.

O.D. Samue easy pants ¥10230

It’s good to match the haori alone with your usual favorite outfits, but it’s also stylish to match it up with pants using the same material and with a high collar.

When putting your arms through the sleeve and wearing this item that is designed for the Japanese physique you may feel relaxed and calm.

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