Duffle coat with Mizusawa down. Descente Allterrain reinvents historical items.

3 years ago

UK brand GLOVERALL, which was founded in 1951 and is known for its duffle coat, and DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN, who specialize in functional wear that makes the most of high technology. A unique collaboration down coat has been created by both parties.

Mizusawa down technology used for the duffle coat.


The base is the duffle coat MONTY, which is synonymous with British Tradional style. The same special heat-bonding process as the Mizusawa down jacket that Descente Allterrain is proud of is applied, and down pass certified traceable down is used for the batting.

The outer material is a wool-like water-resistant and breathable material, and the lining is a heat transistor that converts light into heat. In combination with high-quality down, it demonstrates cold protection that can withstand even in outdoor midwinter temperatures. It is also equipped with a shoulder harness inside. It is designed to be carried like a backpack when taken off.

A harness is on the inside so that you can carry it on your back when you take it off.

An ambitious outerwear that combines authentic duffle coat details such as toggle buttons and hemp cords with modern technology. The design and functionality can be worn regardless of the place, so you won’t regret adding it to your wardrobe. It will be released on November 4th. Be careful not to miss out.

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