Warm, lightweight and washable! A ground breaking 3 point insulation jacket made of high-tech material.

2 years ago

Directly deal with the factory under the theme of “clothes that you want to wear for 10 years”. Tokyo brand 10YC, which produces reasonable and high-quality clothing, has released a new ground breaking outerwear that is easy to maintain and easy to wear while being down-class warm.

Triple beat specs: light, warm, and easy to use.

Utility Jacket  ¥18879〜19698(サイズによって異なる)

10YC pursues the clothing they want to make and directly visits factory sites all over Japan. They started with the desire to learn the richness of creation that mass production does not have and to spread it. Products that prioritize the emotions and comfort of the wearer are highly evaluated, and this latest work is also garnering a lot of attention.

Warmth is not the only thing that’s important right? The Utility Jacket, which was developed on the basis of this question, uses polyester for the batting. The weight has been reduced by a 1/3 while retaining the same heat retention as down. In addition, it has a sharp silhouette that does not swell, giving it a look that looks great not only outdoors but also in town.

It can be washed in a household washing machine and does not come off like feather batting, so you can wear it without any worries. The three-layer fabric is airtight and durable enough to withstand hard outdoor play. It will not hurt to get one that can be used as a mid layer while having the function of a heavy outerwear.

■10YC    https://10yc.jp