The reversible “Hanten” by the up-and-coming brand SOWBOW and a long-established textile shop is the perfect partner for chilling out.

11 months ago

From the brand “SOWBOW”, which is known for its natural and discerning clothing that incorporates local industries and traditional crafts from the area of Kyushu, a Hanten made by a full-fledged textile shop has appeared. I would like to incorporate traditional Japanese clothing with a nice atmosphere while relaxing outdoors this season.


Hanten, a traditional piece of Japanese room wear, has been produced by Miyata Textile, a long-established textile shop based in Kyushu, like Sowbow. With a unique rounded silhouette and reversible specifications, this is a modern update of the classic kimono.

An excellent and comfortable hanten that can be used both indoors and as one-mile wear for small shopping. It is a high quality item that uses bespoke dobbi fabric and has a sense of luxury.

It doesn’t have a traditionally strong affinity for the outdoors, but I would like you to recommend you try Japanese products that are surprisingly excellent as a haori when relaxing at the campsite this season.