Pay attention to the new knit from Go Slow Caravan! A limited number of handmade items that give off a premium atmopshere.

4 months ago

From the outdoor wear brand “Go Slow Caravan”, which is very popular with GO OUT readers, colorful and high-impact handmade knits are available only at directly managed stores. The design mixes traditional Japanese patterns and geometric patterns with different knitting methods.

hand made knit cardigan ¥38500

A special handmade knit that was very popular last year is newly released with the image of “Go Slow Yokocho”, which is the theme of the fall / winter 2020 season. The colorful and pop looks that are reminiscent of the neon lights of a side street are recommended for inner wear as winter colorings tend to be on the darker side.

It takes about a week even for a skilled craftsman because they use various methods to carefully express a detailed design. It will be sold in a limited quantity because it cannot be mass-produced. It is said that it has already been released in directly managed stores from November 1st, so if you are interested, we recommend that you get it before it is sold out.

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