A vest? A neck warmer? A layering game with Nanamica’s unique fleece.

3 years ago

“Nanamica” is a shop that is the creator of The North Face purple label and is also known as a pioneer of urban outdoor style. From that original brand, we have picked up an unprecedented piece that is a mash up between a fleece vest and neck warmer.

nanamican Neck Warmer ¥13200

Certainly, the stand collar that covers the bottom of the chin is like a neck warmer, whereas other aspects of the design are like a pullover fleece. And the most eye-catching thing is the non-standard very short length. Not to mention its usefulness in the outdoor scene, it has excellent potential as a fashion piece for city living style.

There are two color variations, including navy and charcoal.

The body is made of rayon-blended polyester fleece, which has a supple texture and a moisture-absorbing and heat-generating function. Since it has been processed to prevent pilling, it is easy to care for after wearing it. The details used from the 90’s fleece jacket are also a key characteristic.

When you actually wear it, you can see its extremely short length design. This is a top that will make you want to enjoy layered coordination full of originality with a very short length that you do not often see elsewhere.

Adjustable belts on both sides of the hem allow you to change the length. If you squeeze it tight, it can fit as an inner, and if you stretch it wide, you can fit it on the top of a heavy outwear.

An original patch with the Nanamica logo icon is set on the left hem. Minimalistic design with the same color as the body.

■nanamica tel:03-5728-3266 https://www.nanamica.com/