Two hot collaboration down jackets that you should check this winter. A Duffle type and a reversible duck camo pattern.

2 years ago

In preparation for the approaching midwinter, everyone should be getting ready the strongest outerwear and down jacket. Especially for those who will wear it every day in the coming season when it gets colder, it’s good to have a couple of choices ready.

For those of you who are into down jackets, here are two collaboration models that you should check out this winter.

First I want to focus on the collaboration between the prestigious duffle coat “Gloverall” and the domestic high-end “Mizusawa Down” produced by “Descente Allterrain”. And the other is “Taion”, which has become a hot stock on the down front from Japan due to the development of good-priced items, and “White Mountaineering”, who are one of the leaders in the domestic scene. What is your favorite for this season?


The style of the “duffle coat” from classic British brand “Gloverall” is embodied by “Descente Allterrain” from Mizusawa Down, which is highly regarded as the having the best specs in Japan. The outer material has a wool-like texture but is waterproof and breathable, and the lining is made of a special heat-retaining material. A masterpiece that combines tradition and innovation. ¥ 154000

Equipped with a shoulder harness inside, it can be carried like a backpack.

Duffle classic wooden toggles are also alive and well. Windproof with double zipper fly.


White Mountaineering product by TAION

The body uses down from “TAION” and is printed with the original fallen leaf pattern, which is a homage to the real tree duck that shows signs of revival. In combination with a spacious big silhouette, it expresses a fashion-conscious world view unique to “WM”. The price is also very reasonable. ¥ 69300

The fallen leaf pattern on the upper right is a reversible design on both sides that can be worn in this single color by turning it over. It also features snap buttons on the front.


Another model from WM product by TAION.

A simple horizontal quilting down vest. The back side is a reversible design that uses the same color design without quilting. ¥ 30800

There is also a reversible hoody. The back side is a popular sand beige color. ¥ 48400

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi
Text/Satoshi Yamamoto