Post O’alls masterpiece logger jacket is reprinted. A jacket for life made from high-quality leather.

3 years ago

POST O’ALLS develops unique functional clothing based on vintage outfits such as outdoor, work, and military. They have decided to reprint the classic leather jacket, the “Cruzer 8”, which has not been re-released since 2010, from mid-November 2020.

Excellent quality as you expect from a product made in Japan.

Cruzer 8     ¥184800

Among the workwear produced by Post O’alls, the Cruzer 8 is considered to be a logger type, and features three functional asymmetrical pockets that are a bit different from the standard vintage model. This reprint will be the first made in Japan and will use premium goatskin tanned at one of Japan’s leading factories.

The leather improves with age as you wear it and lining is 100% cotton poplin fabric that combines to create an exceptional vintage feeling. Komatsu Matere, one of Japan’s leading textile manufacturers, sandwiches in a heat-retaining interlining, so it is perfect for cold weather.

The asymmetrically arranged pockets are convenient for storing small items such as smartphones and keys. They are accented for the purpose of creating a unique feeling of imbalance.

This is a logger jacket that combines high quality and functionality with a classic outdoor taste. It should be useful not only for daily use but also for camping. It goes especially well with a bonfire, and will definitely live up to the high expectations. This is a one of a kind gem that you should make sure not to miss out on!

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