Snow Peak x The Inoue Brothers’ finest alpaca wear is back again this season!

3 years ago

The latest collaboration between The Inoue Brothers, who developed the world’s highest quality Supreme Royal Alpaca, and Snow Peak, one of Japan’s leading outdoor brands, has arrived. This time, there are a wide variety of 12 different models, all of which boast the best feel and warmth.

With a seasonal design, it has a higher-grade feel and heat retention.

Double face Cardigan     ¥99000

Equipped with 4 pockets, the double face cardigan adds storage capacity as well as heat retention. The double weave has different colors for the surface and lining, so you can enjoy the multi coloring by rolling up the sleeves. It is also a key point that it mixes wool with alpaca to make it hard to lose its shape. The hood can be removed and each can be used individually.

Royal alpaca Pyjamas Shirt     ¥40700

The Royal Alpaca Pajamas Shirt is the most comfortable pajamas in Snow Peak’s history, using the rare Royal Alpaca fabric. The soft texture and gentle atmosphere with a rounded collar are perfect for relaxing in at home. It doesn’t feel strange even if you wear it in town, and it is useful even in a cold tent.

Crew Neck Base Layer     ¥33000

The crew neck base layer is lined with organic cotton for stress-free skin contact and alpaca knit comfort. The mesh-shaped liner has good moisture absorption and desorption, so it doesn’t become stuffy and, it keeps dry even if you wear it for a long time.

Large Stole     ¥30800

This is a large stole that luxuriously uses the finest baby alpaca. It is extremely soft to the touch, and has a high level of heat retention. With a length of 200 cm and a width of 85 cm, it is easy for men to use, and is useful as an outerwear when watching bonfires or watching sports.

Knitted Trousers     ¥48400

The latest additions to this attention-grabbing series, in which popular brands make use of world-class alpaca wool, is a masterpiece that can be used in a wider range of scenes than ever before. With its addictive feel and gentle heat retention, it is inevitable to become an essential item for winter outdoor activities.

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