The latest collaboration between N. Hollywood and G-Shock is a tough watch with a combination of a protector and a matte black finish.

2 years ago

The latest collection in the annual collaboration between “N.HOOLYWOOD” led by designer Daisuke Obana, who is active on the world fashion stage, and G-SHOCK, which continues to evolve in their pursuit of toughness.

N.HOOLYWOOD × G-SHOCK「DW-5900NH-1」¥20900

In this collaboration, which is the seventh and counting, G-SHOCK’s early digital basic model “DW-5900” was selected as the base model. It is a famous machine that made a breakthrough in Japan by reimporting after gaining worldwide popularity with three innovative digital graphics.

The “DW-5900” is unified in an matte all black finish and changed to tougher specifications equipped with protectors. The original mil spec is engraved on the top and bottom of the face, and the N.H.TPES spec is engraved on the back of the case, signifying it as a special one modified by N. Hollywood.

It comes with an original package that is reminiscent of US military supplies, making it perfect as a gift. The unisex design allows for a wide range of size adjustments, so you can wear them together with a partner. It will be released on Saturday, November 21st.

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