Your new chill time companion. A size-free large-format denim jacket has arrived from the famous store SUPER MARKET in Yutenji.

3 years ago

RELAX FIT is an original label released by SUPER MARKET, a used clothing and general store located in Yutenji, with the concept of “What would Americans think about Muji”.

Fashion enthusiasts will be paying close attention to this brand, and this jacket is exclusive to WE TOKYO which has just opened this year.

Military motifs in a relaxed style.


The base is a French military wool melton liner jacket. The material has been changed to denim, and a pair of pockets have been added to make it easier to use as an outerwear. The size is free, and the Velcro allows you to adjust the front silhouette and balance to your own preference.

The front does not fasten with buttons but instead uses velcro, so it has a high degree of freedom and is easy to wear.

It can be styled with the popular NORTH PADRE ISLAND pants that have a relaxed fit, and the cuffs without buttons make it easy to roll up your sleeves. The comfort and looks are perfect not only for daily use but also for chilling out while camping. This is one jacket that you are sure to get plenty of use from.

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