New eco-bags from the popular Post-General are now available! A packable style bag that looks great out in the field.

3 years ago

As a brand POST GENERAL has put its own essence into lifestyle items such as rugs, baskets, LED lamps, and drivers. All of them are fashionable and easy to use, but their most popular item are eco bags.

Eco-bags have been released by various brands, but Post-General are one of the most trust when it comes to fashionable and affordable items. So let’s take a look at three new types immediately.

A new color for the popular drawstring bag!


With its original packable structure, it boasts a wide gusset that can hold lunch boxes. The 8L size “Packable Parachute Nylon Bag”, which is ideal for carrying small items, is now available in three monotone colors: white, blue gray, and silver gray!


Introducing a big size convenience store bag!

While following the design of a plastic shopping bag, it is finished with a peach skin fabric. The Convenience store bag Neo is larger than the conventional size (280 x 300 mm) to improve usability (310 x 330 mm).


It has a capacity of about 15L, so as the name suggests, it is perfect for daily use at convenience stores and supermarkets!


Multi purpose Tote bag!

The texture of peach skin and the basic rectangular design will make you love it for a long time. It is about 14L in size 430 x 460, and the handle is as long as 280mm, so you can hang it on your shoulder!


It is water repellent so you can rest easy even if it rains suddenly.

All of them are packable and can be rolled up and stored compactly, so they are easy to carry. It is also a key point that you can put it in your bag or pocket and open it only when you use it. Everyone should own at least one eco bag to improve your daily convenience while also remaining environmentally friendly.

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