A classic winter jacket is now two in one! A unique multi-purpose outerwear from The Park Shop that both parents and children will want to wear.

2 years ago

THE PARK SHOP, which develops many items under the theme of “the park”, has released 4 types of outerwear with unique gimmicks. It will be released in a wide size range so it’s great for all the family.

Adding originality to the popular boa fleece and flight jacket.

TREKBOY JACKET    ¥9790(kids)     ¥14190(adults)

TREKBOY VEST     ¥8690(kids)     ¥10890(adults)

The TREKBOY series, which features a vest and blouson, comes with a removable pouch on the boa fleece. If removed, it can also be used as a single waist pouch. The inner and hood are made of a taffeta material that does not allow air to pass through, providing a sufficient level of protection against the cold.

MIXBOY JACKET     ¥10890(kids)     ¥14190(adults)

The MIX BOY JACKET is a combination of a MA-1 with a fleece blouson inside. The PARK MA-1 has the Park Shop logo embroidered on the surface in various styles. Both are impactful looking and on trend.

PARK MA−1 JACKET    ¥9790(kids)     ¥14190(adults)

All models have wide size variations such as kids 95-135 cm and adult S-L, so families can wear matching outfits for days out. Of course, because it is based on trendy fleece and flight jackets, even single people will want to get their hands on one. We are sure that this new project will be very popular and make an impact on the outdoor clothing scene.

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