High quality home-wear from Snow Peak that is just at home at the campsite.

3 years ago

“Snow Peak” is the complete package in terms of an outdoor brand that conveys its outstanding creativity in all areas, from camping gear to apparel and lifestyle products.

Continuing this trend of expanding their existing lineup, home wear such as room shoes, blankets, and Japanese style hanten to make time spent at home more comfortable are now available.

High-performance, cozy home wear set with boa fleece.

(Upper left) A boa fleece hanten using Polartec. Due to the characteristics of the material, which has a wool-like texture, excellent water absorption, quick-drying, and breathability, it can be used a lot both at home or while camping. It is also environmentally friendly because it uses recycled polyester. ¥ 22000

(Upper right) A drawstring bag with the same specifications. With a handle, it is easy to use. ¥ 7480

(Lower right) A blanket using the same material. With a size of 100 x 140 cm, it can also be used as a rug or shoulder strap. ¥ 11000

(Lower left) Jacquard slippers made from Shetland cotton. ¥ 6578

Lightweight Octa series inner batting.

This set up uses the Octa series, a lightweight batting material that has both excellent heat retention and breathability that allows moisture such as sweat to escape to the outside. The outer material is a cardigan made with a stretch ripstop with a durable water repellent finish. ¥ 22000

Easy pants made from the same material as the cardigan. The wide, loosely tapered silhouette with a deep rise is not only good for relaxing wear at home, but also as a fashion piece. ¥ 19800

There is also the Octa series batting blanket. With a snap button on the top edge, you can fasten the front like a poncho when you hang it on your shoulders, and it has a pocket for extra convenience. It can also be packed away compactly. ¥ 13200

Using their extensive experience in the outdoor field to make and select the best materials, they have succeeded in creating a new home wear series of outstanding quality that sets it apart from existing competitors. Home wear has become increasingly important in recent times so we recommend checking out this latest collection.

■Snow Peak tel:0120-010-660 https://www.snowpeak.co.jp/