Urban Research has a new exclusive outer from one of Canada’s prestigious outdoor brands. A Faithful reproduction of their beautiful reversible Jacket!

3 years ago

Canada’s well respected outdoor brand “ALTUS Mountain Gear” has gained enthusiastic support from people living in extremely cold regions to professionals such as mountaineering teams.

URBAN RESEARCH Sonny Label faithfully reproduces the jacket from Atlus Mountain Gear that has both American-like and tough construction mixed with high end European fashion sensitivity while sticking to being Made in Canada.

Reversible boa blouson ¥22000

The base is a boa blouson, which was an iconic item of the brand in the 90’s. While attention is being paid to functional aesthetic wear with retro looks and high-tech functions, the combination of 90’s-like nylon with good coloring and the brand’s unique heather beige boa really grabs your attention.

The zip on the boa side and the snap buttons on the nylon side make it a nice point that you can reverse it to fit your current mood. Even the yellow on the back of the chest pocket is close to the color of the time period.

It is a versatile outerwear that shows its outdoor taste just by matching it with the classic items that everyone has, such as sweatshirts, denim, and chinos.

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