Atelier Blue Bottle’s new shell pants. Easy specifications full of great functions such as being waterproof and breathable, stretchable, sweat-absorbing and even quick-drying!

3 years ago

Atelier Blue bottle, which is popular for its hiking series that can be worn even as upper and lower setups. We are pleased to introduce the debut of their winter hiking pants that are a mixture of soft shell and wool.

atelier Blue bottle/Neo Wool Pants ¥18600

High gauge (30D / 24F) polyester is used for the outer material, and the back side has a double structure with a polyurethane waterproof film to ensure stretchability and breathability.

The lining is made of thin fine merino wool with jacquard knitting, which is both light to the touch like a mesh and quick-drying.

Since the outer material and lining are not glued together, there is no feeling of stuffiness as the material sticks to your leg, and it is also noteworthy that it is soft and comfortable to wear!

Based on the design of conventional hikers pants, the hem is ribbed to prevent wind from entering, and the pockets are changed from mesh to the same fabric as the outer material, and other measures are taken against the cold in every small detail.

It seems to be useful not only for light mountain climbing but also for activities such as cycling! Of course, the waist is an easy fit type with rubber and cord adjustment, so it is useful when you want to relax in a tent or at home.

The size range is from XXS to L, and they available in three colors: Coffee black, Millbrook Green, and Yak Beige.

Atelier Blue Bottle’s “Neo Wool Pants”, is a soft shell and wool finish of their popular hikers pants, and they are now on sale. It’s a must-have for this winter, so check it out!