Daiwa’s know-how has been poured into the new D-Vec outerwear that boldly adopts the Dyneema fabric!

3 years ago

D-VEC is a project that brings the technical capabilities of the prestigious fishing gear DAIWA to the urban outdoors. It has been talked about because of inviting designers who were active at Youji Yamamoto for the 2021 Spring / Summer collection, but the new outerwear on sale from this season is also quite eye catching and attracting attention.

Overwhelming lightness and toughness with down-class cold protection.

Dyneema Paddington jacket ¥132000

As the name suggests, the Dyneema Paddington jacket uses a high molecular weight polyethylene material, called Dyneema. This is the same fabric used for bulletproof vests which makes it a highly functional outerwear that is extremely light and has excellent impact resistance, tear resistance, and waterproofness.

You can easily adjust the temperature inside the garment by using the side zip.

The batting is filled with high-quality polyester to achieve warmth comparable to 700FP down. Combined with the heat retention of the two-layered fabric, you can wear it comfortably out camping as well as in the town. It also has a future-like luster and a unique texture.

This latest high-spec work is right on trend, released by an up-and-coming brand that is popular not only by fishing lovers but also by fashionistas. The short length is high-tech but easy to mix and match, so it’s also great to style with a number of different outfits.

■D-VEC https://d-vec.jp/SHOP/VF-20700209.html