Warm up with a fully lined fleece! A playful 2WAY mod parka from Cal O Line.

3 years ago

A counterculture born in search of freedom and the atmosphere of the golden age of America. “CAL O LINE” has the design philosophy of interweaving work, military, outdoor and uniforms to create something entirely new but also timeless.

This new outwear piece embodies that unique philosophy.


The base motif is an M-48 jacket, which is traded at a high price on the vintage market. It features a unique 2-way design that can be worn as a hunting jacket with a refreshing impression by fastening the snap button on the hem to make the length shorter.

Just by fastening the button on the hem, you can make a completely different silhouette. The material is a water-repellent cloth that is made by weaving polyester at a high density to repel water and it is finished with a supple texture.

By peeking at the red flannel material from the hem of the lining, the military aesthetic is softened.

By adopting a three-dimensional hood in addition to the boa lining, the wind is blocked and heat retention is improved.

This new outerwear is an unprecedented mix of military and hunting elements. This playful new piece from Cal O Line injects a fresh perspective into a basic staple garment.

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