Eldoreso’s fleece is a bit different! Introducing a new “running” outfit with excellent functionality and color.

2 years ago

Fleece jackets are often developed from each brand every season. This year’s selection is full of great items, but the new fleece jacket from “ELDORESO” designed by Tarzan AQUZAWA of Earl D’s is a bit different!

It manages to capture the essence of running and energetic coloring. It is a functional beautiful design that incorporates a lot of what makes Eldoreso a unique brand.

Gebrselassie Fleece Jacket ¥23980

Based on a microfleece that feels smooth to the touch, the upper and back yokes of the front body are switched with windproof and water repellent nylon. The turquoise blue on the arm and pastel piping make it a unique multi-colored item that is also a great fashion piece.

The liner has been removed for wearing while exercising, and ventilation is added. It eliminates the stuffiness and overheating while keeping you dry and sweat free.

The chest pocket has the capacity to fit a smartphone. You don’t have to worry about it shaking even when you are running, so you can enjoy your run stress free.

A thumb hole is placed on the cuffs to protect your hands from the cold.

A color variation with purple arms is also available.

This fleece is suitable for joggers who don’t want to forget about fashion while they’re running. It is also great as a mid layer while out and about the town or when camping. It offers great protection against the wind and rain so will be great for outdoor enthusiasts across a wide array of activities.

It will be on sale from 21:00 on Thursday, December 17th on the official brand’s online site. Don’t miss out!

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