Perfect for bike campers! The flame-retardant down warmer from Tempura x Nanga is excellent.

3 years ago

With the arrival of another cold winter, outdoor enthusiasts everywhere will be spending lots of money on cold weather protection. Here we will introduce a down item that can satisfy even the most hardcore of camp addict.

NANGA × tempra「Warm」 ¥11800

This mysterious looking object that seems like it’s a drawstring bag at first glance is in fact, an item called “Warm” that can be used as a leg warmer or as a handle warmer.

Produced by tempra cycle, a bicycle specialty store centered on fixie bikes, which also handles unique but highly fashionable and functional items, are collaborating with NANGA, a leading down maker in Japan.

This will be the third collaboration, and until now they have been so popular that they sell out almost instantly. This time as well, it looks like a new item that will surprise many people and fulfill a gap in the market.

Plenty of high-quality Nanga down is used as the insulation, and Kevlar, which is a flame-retardant material, is mixed in the outer material. This means you can enjoy a bonfire with peace of mind, and it will keep your feet warm, especially when it gets cold in winter.

It has a tubular shape and is simply made by squeezing both sides, making it an excellent item that can be used as a pillow if you stuff it with a towel.

The military-like texture and coloring should solve the dilemma of bikers and cyclist that it is difficult to find a cool handle warmer that can also protect against the cold.

It is so popular that it is already out of stock, but it is scheduled to be restocked in January 2021.


Fabric: Polyester Kebra mixed

Size: 38x26cm (size when placed flat)

Color: Olive Drab Beige

*Only compatible with motorcycles of 125cc or less. Cannot be installed on bicycles that interfere with braking when a drop handlebar or other Warm is installed, or that are difficult to remove in an emergency.