Mountain Smith’s Tailored JKT is a unique work that makes full use of the strongest tough materials.

2 years ago

From the outdoor apparel brand MOUNTAIN SMITH supervised by Mr. Yamane of F / CE.®, a tailored jacket using the strongest most luxurious fabrics has appeared.

By skillfully using tough and functional materials, this is a groundbreaking and youthful piece with a design that will cover a wide range from outdoor, to casual and even business scenes.

Moffat ¥42900

Recently, Mountain Smith’s new work, which has been talked about in collaboration with Grip Swanny, is a tough and modern jacket that uses Spectra fiber, which is said to be the strongest fiber in the world.

It is equipped with specifications for outdoor use such as high durability and high water repellency, contrary to the light weight that can be worn everyday. The large pockets that will be useful in camping are also minimally decorated with hidden buttons.

OCTA®, a brushed material, is used for the lining mesh to keep warmth. It can be used as an inner coat insulation layer in winter and as an outerwear in spring and autumn.

With a modern silhouette and a wide width, it seems to be useful regardless of the scene from the street to the field.

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