Four tough materials in one. Innovative crazy bag collection of different materials from Mystery Ranch.

3 years ago

From MYSTERY RANCH, which has been adopted by the US military special forces and is famous for making the ultimate backpack, the Japanese bespoke collection “CRAZY BLACK COLLECTION”, in which four types of highly durable fabrics are put into one bag, is now on sale!

As the name suggests, it is a novel collection unique to Mystery Ranch, with four different tough materials arranged in a crazy pattern.

2 DAY ASSAULT with a capacity of 27 L and a size that is easy to use for both everyday use, travel and outdoors. ¥ 33000 (Weight: 1.4kg, Capacity: 27L, 3 sides size: 53x30x28cm, Harness style: Frame mounted)

Based on the popular Mystery Ranch bag, the collection uses four types of functional materials such as cordura, robic, X-pack, and brand for the body.

URBAN ASSAULT 21 is easy to use even when commuting to work or school by deliberately leaving out military details. ¥ 20900 (Weight: 0.9kg, Capacity: 21L, 3 side size: 51x25x22cm, Harness style: Fixed harness)

These materials, which have many functions other than just durability, have very different textures, and when combined with a crazy pattern, are transformed into a unique and playful bag.

3-WAY that can be used according to the scene, such as a handbag, shoulder, and backpack styles. ¥ 27500 (Weight: 1.2kg, Capacity: 22L, 3 sides size: 43 × 30.5x25cm, Expanded: 43 × 30.5x32cm)

The lineup includes two backpacks that are easy to use even in the city, a versatile 3-WAY, a waist bag that is useful as a sub-bag for a little outing or travel, and a small shoulder bag.

Despite the unique pattern design, by making it all black, they have an urban and mature look.

FULL MOON body bag designed to maintain a fit during exercise. ¥ 7150 (Weight: 0.36kg, Capacity: 6.3L, 3 sides size: 18x33x19cm)

SKA is a small shoulder bag that is perfect for outdoor excursions and travel. ¥ 8800 (Weight: 0.3kg, Capacity: 6.3L, 3 sides size: 23x25x15cm)

This is an excellent collection of tough and rugged materials, with a crazy pattern to add some fun, but in a mature and urban black color way. This collection is great not just for the outdoors but also for daily use!

The release is scheduled for mid-February so there is still a bit of a wait. Consider it as a companion for the new spring season.