Porter collaborate with “Byborre” to create a new bag collection that combines the original materials of both companies.

2 years ago

A special collaboration project by PORTER to commemorate the 85th anniversary of Yoshida & Co., Ltd. is here. Until now, much coveted items such as the limited G-Shock and the collaboration MA-1 with Buzz Rixons have been released, and all of them sold out immediately.

And the latest collaboration, which will be the first this year, has arrived. This time, a bag collection with the popular brand “BYBORRE”, which develops cutting-edge materials and high-performance knit items based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is now available.

A bold change to Porter’s popular classic bag.

A 2-way helmet bag with a size that is easy to use. In addition to the two front pockets, the interior also comes with a PC storage pocket. ¥ 38500 (W410 x H430mm)

In addition to the large porter brand name spread across the whole surface, this work is an eye-catching collection with a bold design studded with the letters “Byborre” and “Tokyo”.

Also, under the woven name of the familiar Porter, the Byborre name tag is also there as a sign of the collaboration.

Alice pack with a unisex design. With multiple pockets on the exterior, it is easy to organize your items, and the main layer can be accessed directly from the side fastener of the main body. ¥ 44000 (W300 x H370 x D170mm)

In this collaboration collection, the main material is Porter’s original nylon bonding fabric and a sustainable knit made with 100% recycled polyester yarn called “AO3 ™ (Attachment Only 3 Layer)”, a textile knit that symbolizes Byborre.

A 2-way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or a handbag. The main layer is equipped with a pocket that can store an 11-inch notebook PC or tablet, making it ideal for business use. ¥ 36300 (W320 x H250 x D80mm)

This knit fabric is a completely original fabric created from scratch. The “AO3 ™” has a three-layer structure and strongly compresses the weft threads between the front and back, so it can be used as a knit fabric. Through this method they have achieved unparalleled density and expressive drapes.

A large-capacity waist bag with the motif of a classic Porter item. Comes with a practical finish that can store not only essential items such as smartphones and wallets, but also 500ml PET bottles. ¥ 23100 (W270 x H170 x D130mm)

Based on the popular classic items from Porter such as helmet bags, backpacks, 2WAY shoulder bags, waist bags, small shoulder bags, and purses, all 6 types that can be used by both men and women are available.

The 3 types come with a shoulder strap and shoulder pads made from the aforementioned “AO3 ™” knit fabric.

A compact vertical shoulder bag that fits valuables such as smartphones and wallets. It can be used not only as a shoulder bag but also as an inner pouch by removing the strap. ¥ 20900 (W140 x H170 x D50mm)

An effect bag featuring a drawstring-shaped silhouette. The compact size makes it a perfect accent for styling your outfits or as an active bag for a little outing or traveling. ¥ 11000 (φ170 × H150mm)

Based on Porter’s popular classic bag, this collection has a more functional and unique look due to the combination of materials that both companies specialize in making with the playful design that incorporates elements unique to both brand. Whether for commuting or for outings, these bags will help make your trips feel more fun.

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