The birth of a new classic! New version of Matahiki finished in denim is here! 

4 years ago

Recently we have been seeing a revival in traditional Japanese clothing as modern wear, Momohiki are known for there comfort ability and ease of movement.

“Momohiki” are a traditional Japanese style of pants that was widely used by craftsmen and others from 450 years ago onwards. Originally based on clothing called Karsao from Portugal which spread through Japan during the Azuchi-Momoyama era.

Inayoshi Shouten「MATAHIKI Black Selvage Denim Triple Knee」¥36720

There is one store that has designed and sold this type of pants for modern everyday life!

Inayoshi Shouten makes these momihiki for modern customers out of a workshop on Fukuoka, primarily selling online and at specific events.

The shop owner who is an avid surfer uses a pedal sewing machine to make each pair of pants one by one.

They also handle selected indigo dye products, hempwear, vintage and other accessories.

The materials used for their standout Matahiki pants are carefully selected for their individual appeal and taste.

They have made many unique developments when creating their pants through the use of hand woven, hand spun caddies and materials such as wood dyed Indian cotton, organic cotton and hemp as well as selvedge denim purchased from fabric stores in Fukuyama City. This is one of the most appealing points to hand crafted individual items.

Available in size S, M and L. If you usually wear 29-30inch waist trousers, S size is a perfect fit. Because these pants are all made to order, it is possible to request individual alterations for the length and waist sizes.

Since the crotch and rise is combined, you can open your legs up to 180 degrees. The wasit can be cinched in by the use of a drawstring.

In order to not obstruct movement, biased sewing is used along the calf’s bulge. This and other small sewing details really add to the functionality and appeal of the pants.

Because of the silhouette, it is a stylish match for a jacket style. Of course, it has wide appeal and can be used during camping, outdoors activities, work wear and everyday casual wear. Some people even use it for Yoga to the easy movement.

The owner of the Inayoshi store loves the great outdoors and enjoys outdoor activities on a daily basis. From this perspective he has designed his pants around the concept of ease of movement in a wide array of environments.

We are sure that this level of attention to detail from the owner is why the pants are so easy and comfortable to move in. Once you become used to the free and easy movement we think it will be difficult to switch back to a different more conventional style of trouser! We are predicting these trousers to become a new classic item for lovers of the outdoors!