From Foxfire x Nanga, an all-weather collaboration down jacket. High quality specifications for fishing in the winter.

3 years ago

This is a new collaboration from popular down brand NANGA and Foxfire, which has roots in fly fishing and covers all outdoor activities. The results is an all-weather 3-way winter jacket from two brands based in Japan that focuses on ease of movement and comfort in all weather conditions.

A water-repellent down liner is added to an already waterproof and breathable jacket!

Storm Tracer 3way Jacket    ¥62700

The outer shell uses Aeroporous FW, Foxfire’s original breathable waterproof material, and the lining is mesh. While preventing wind, rain and cold air, they have also ensured moisture permeability of 3 layers or more. If you use the stretch rain guard (sold separately) together, you can reduce the seeping of water from the cuffs.

Storm Tracer 3way Jacket    ¥62700

The hood comes with a rain garter that prevents water droplets from dripping even when facing down, and a clip that can be fixed to the brim of the cap. With a stopper that can be squeezed at once with one hand, it is possible to adjust it instantly.

The hood with a large number of gimmicks is effective for fishing in bad weather.

The down jacket made by Nanga is used for the liner. Ultra dry down with super water repellent treatment on high quality feathers, so it is lightweight but has excellent heat retention and doesn’t back down in heavy rain. Casting can be done smoothly with a custom-made draping pattern.

The liner alone functions as a simple down jacket.

The outer shell and liner down can be removed and can be worn individually. It can be said that it is a reliable item in various fields as well as fishing in harsh situations. It will be released soon, so make sure to check out the Foxfire online store.

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